At Scope Windows & Doors, we offer far more than our range of aluminium windows and doors. From showers, mirrors and robes to security options, see below how we can help you.



Scope offers a full range of options for the inside of your house as well, from shower screens to mirrors and various robes.

We use the Pivotech range of products to get the job done.

More Information on Pivotech


Security Screens

Scope Doors and Windows has all your screen solutions covered. At Scope, we supply a variety of fly screens, security grills, and stainless steel doors to ensure safety and durability.

We supply both the Prowler Proof and the Secure View range of security screens. The qualified team at Scope Doors and Windows are able to advise on the best system for your project.

More Information on Prowler Proof


Centor Screens

Have you ever been told you cannot screen your large bi-fold door or stacking door? Centor screens are a new innovation in screening which work perfectly in alfresco outdoor living areas. These screens are custom made, ensuring you the perfect solution to any screening problem your project is facing. .

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Special Requirements

At Scope Doors & Windows, we specialise in ensuring your aluminium windows and doors, screening and glazing solutions work perfectly with your design and functionality requirements. We can provide advice and solutions to a range of extra products including:

  • Double Glazing
  • Balustrades
  • Specialty Glazing.
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